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The Way of the Bimbo, or, Bimboism is Real Feminism

Posted on May 22 2017


I’ve lived for over a decade as a bimbo, a wife, and a mother. Before that I had a successful professional career, after attending an Ivy League college and graduate school. On paper, I was leading the feminist dream of an elite education and a competitive career. It didn’t make me happy. So I found another path, the Way of the Bimbo. Much of what I write will be off -putting to people who grew up on feminism, but trust me, this is the path to greater happiness both for you and for your man. The reason so many women are on antidepressants these days is that the paper feminist life is not compatible with actual women in real life.

Does the word “bimbo” shock you? Let me explain it by telling you why someone becomes a bimbo in the first place. The core concept revolves around a different idea of male-female relations. Being a bimbo involves reorganizing your priorities, and sense of your role, to fit this different idea of male-female relations. Feminism only offers a solution to the problems women face. It leaves out ½ the population, the male half, so anytime you need to collaborate with men, feminism fails. That’s why feminism has harmed the family, the most important collaboration between women and men. A bimbo enjoys her role as a woman, and offers men a role that they too enjoy.

A bimbo is not here to compete with men. A bimbo recognizes that men have great qualities, they are great at what they do and she does not actually want to adopt the male lifestyle. Feminism encourages us to live a male lifestyle, but we’re not men. Feminism isn’t about freedom, it’s about locking you into being a man. It should be called Manism.

Bimboism is more than a criticism of feminism, bimboism is the new feminism. Bimboism is a feminism that cares about being feminine, being a real woman. I used to be trapped in the workforce competing with men. I didn’t like that. I didn’t like where it was going and the type of person it was turning me into. There really are far too many unhappy harridans out there whom I did not, and DO NOT, want to become.

A bimbos decides to cooperate rather than compete with men. We appeal to men and make a happy partnership with a man we love and chose. We each do different things that we are well suited to do. The man goes off and earns money and thinks deep thoughts and shapes the world outside. The man is commanding and strong. The woman nurtures and serves him, helping him have a happy life and therefore helping him accomplish all that he accomplishes. She shares his achievements, not just his lifestyle. Bimbos love men, we love pleasing and helping them. And in turn men love bimbos. It works for everyone. A win for him and a win for her. Bimbos are going to be unchallenging, we’re going to nurture, and we’re going to make him happy. We know that by living this way we’re all going to be happy.

The collaborative lifestyle just described does, to some extent, harken back to an older, more traditional style of romantic relationships. Here’s what’s new. I wont pussyfoot around, part of serving men is …men like sex. Men love sex, not that women dont, but for men it’s like food. They need hot sex and it’s probably the most important thing to them. So one way in which modern bimbos are different from housewives from an earlier era is that bimbos make sex and fitness top priorities. Why shouldn’t we? A bimbo is up for sex, a lot. Almost always. Maybe always. A bimbo is built and trained for sex, she can deep throat and loves to do it. A bimbo can take it anally if her man desires. A bimbo’s man is going to be satisfied, whatever it takes. This is not your grandfather’s housewife, this is not your mother’s feminism, this is bimboism, this is new.

When it comes to the old fashioned skills of homemaking, there are different schools of thought on the subject within bimboism. I feel bimbos should be monogamous, get married and have kids. My children are one of the greatest joys in my life, a bimbo shouldn’t miss out on the rewarding experience of motherhood. Let’s be pragmatic, bimbos do not cultivate commercially valuable skills so it is important that they are supported practically by the man they support emotionally. A good bimbo is also a decent cook and is competent enough to be able to sign the kids up for summer camp, get them to the doctor, etc. There are those who believe that a bimbo should just be a straight pleasure vehicle and not cook or clean or have kids. But that is unrealistic in a bimbo life and relationship that spans decades. As a real life bimbo, I just don’t see how that could be sustained.

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