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Terms & Warranty

All Rights Reserved

All text, pictures, graphics, videos and files on this site are copyrighted.

All models are consenting and over 18 years of age. 

The design of Chastity Co chastity belts and products is subject to copyright and Intellectual property laws. Under no circumstances can content from the website or products be replicated without prior written consent from Chastity Co management.



Chastity Co and its employees are in no way liable for damage to body, health or otherwise through improper use. Use of our products is at your own risk. The regulations of the Product Liability Act remain unaffected. 

Chastity Co products are novelty products to be used by adults aged 18+ consensually.

Our products are not children's toys and are not suitable for minors. We expressly remind you that giving our products to children and minors under 18 years of age is prohibited.

Chastity Co do not hold spare copies of keys for chastity belts & will not be liable for any replacements. 


Privacy Policy

Chastity Co will ask for specific measurements upon ordering your device.

Each Chastity Co Device is marked with a model and serial number. This information and product specification is recorded for warranty purposes.

No customer banking or delivery details are kept on file by Chastity Co.


Hygiene and Cleaning

We encourage daily cleaning of your Chastity Co device if wearing every day.

Good cleaning practices must be implemented for your health and safety.

Warm soapy water is recommended to keep odours away. If you suffer from dermatitis or any skin allergies. Please check if the soap is recommended for your skin.

Do not use bleaches or other harsh chemicals as this can cause skin irritation and health problems.

Note Chastity Co Devices are made from high-quality stainless steel and can withstand high temperatures. Boiling water can be used to sterilise parts if needed.



Chastity Co will fix any faults or repairs due to welding malfunctions with 90 days of purchase. After this time Chastity Co is not liable for any repairs.

Note the warranty is voided if any third party modifications have been made.

Chastity Co does not cover warranty on the padlocks provided.  

Chastity Co does not cover day-to-day wear and tear steel tarnishing and scratching.


Terms & Conditions

Please note all purchases are final.

Chastity Co will not offer a refund simply because you changed your mind after purchase.

Please be sure that you select the correct size at the time of purchase as NO refunds or exchanges are possible at a later date.

Minor size modifications may be carried out on your product at our discretion free of charge. Please note any postage or freight costs must be covered by the customer.