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A Beginners guide to using steel chastity belts

A Beginners guide to using steel chastity belts  


Steel chastity belts look great and can be quite functional, but starting off with chastity can be a bit daunting. The modern chastity belt doesn't share much with the medieval style chastity belts seen in movies. The newer styles are sleek, neat and hygienic and comfortable enough to wear for a week at a time. 


Chastity is an interesting concept and people sometimes start off with the idea of trying it out to heighten the experience of sexual play, and this becomes so exciting, that many people become chastity lifestylers.

How to play

BDSM is often associated with chastity games used to tease and control and this is where chastity belts come in handy. The main idea is to make the genitals inaccessible until released from chastity. This allows their partner to excite them and keep their desires under control without allowing for masturbation or release (although any device can be bypassed if the person is desperate enough). There is a lot of trust involved as the key-holder trusts the person in chastity to not attempt other forms of release and the person in chastity relies on their key holder to release them at an agreed upon time.  There are various devices for men and women, but one of the most traditional is the chastity belt.


The design of the female chastity belt has stayed fairly true to its roots over the years, with a belt around the waist and a strap that attaches to the belt, both in the front and the back and closes off access to the vagina. While some of the ones available today are very bulky and cannot easily be hidden under clothing, others are smooth and sleek and can be concealed when wearing the right type of clothing. The chastity belt generally allows for natural bodily functions while preventing anything above a certain size being able to go in. Some of the makes have teeth on the inside of the holes to further prevent anything being inserted, but smooth is generally cleaner and more hygienic.

Chastity belts generally come equipped with lock and key and some even have 2 sets of locks. There are belts available without locks, but these are designed for aesthetics and enjoyment, not for chastity.  The keys are usually held by a key holder that is trusted by the person in chastity and emergency measures are discussed before the device is fitted and the keys handed over. Make sure there is a spare and that it can be accessed in dire circumstances. There also needs to be tools available should something unforeseen happen to both keys and the device needing to be cut off.


Fitting & Safety

It is very important that the chastity belt is fitted properly and that there is good blood flow and no excess friction. The belt should be fitted comfortably without allowing for a lot of movement to prevent chafing and pain. There should not be pain when wearing the belts. If you do have any major discomfort, remove the device immediately and do not wear again for a few days.


When purchasing a chastity belt it is important to buy from a reliable supplier that sells products that are body safe and who provides back up and support for the products.  It is important to know that what you are buying matches up to the description and that the chastity belts do not contain any unsafe materials, especially considering it is going to be sitting against very vulnerable areas of the body. Some suppliers also offer additional items such as decorative chains, waist and leg straps, insert-able, locks with timer options and so forth.


To ensure your belt fits properly, you need to use a dressmaker's measuring tape and measure your waistline, midway between your hip bones and rib cage, in line with your belly button. For models that have a secondary loop or sit on the hips, you will also need your hip measurement. Measure on the hip bone in the same was as your waist.

For the crotch length you need to ensure you know if you are getting a waist or a hip fitting belt, then wrap a belt or piece of material around your body at the same level.  Run the tape measure from the front to the back, between your legs with the tape end on the belt in the front and the measurement being taken where it meets the belt in the back (or measure from back to front if easier). Measure the front crotch from the belt to the vagina to determine where the wider area should be. Measure from the back belt to where your anus is to ensure the whole area is in the correct place for bathroom use. Some suppliers may require more measurements to ensure the belt fits properly. 

Keeping it clean

Material used for chastity belts usually include titanium, medical grade stainless steel, silicone, polycarbonate, ABS plastic or combinations of these products which are body safe and easy to keep clean. It is important that the materials can be effectively cleaned and sterilized to prevent harm. It is important that you wash around the area and as much as you can reach of the inside of the device on a daily basis. Wash with soap and water for most of the chastity belt but use only water and a soft cloth in the vaginal area. You also need to ensure that everything is dried very wall after washing. Use a cool hair dryer or fan if necessary. This will reduce the risk of infections and bad smells in the area. It is also very important that the chastity belt is removed at least once a week for a thorough cleaning of the area as well as the belt. This is to help the belt last longer and to keep the genital area hygienic and free of nasty germs which can cause harm. If possible, clean the belt with a disinfectant wash that is body safe and hang it in sunlight to dry as this kills more germs. Check the belt regularly for signs of damage to prevent skin irritation and replace it once it starts causing chaffing or other irritation of the skin or genitals.

 Chastity can be great fun and a way to enhance your sex life or as part of BDSM games. It can also become a lifestyle choice. Just remember to always keep it safe and consensual!