In the beginning. 

Paul Tooker of New York started Access denied in 1997.     

Paul ran a metal construction company specialising in Military components. One day, Paul was approached by a friend who owned a fetish store asked him to build a chastity belt.

After a heartily chuckle and the realisation that it would be an engineering challenge, Paul agreed and the rest, as they say, is history.

In 2001, Paul sadly and suddenly passed away, bringing the iconic fetish creation to halt. His wife and daughters tried to carry on the name but found that it was too heartbreaking walking into the office every morning, trying to carry out Paul's legacy.

Access Denied remained closed for decades. 

The Access denied chastity belt beginning was short-lived but not forgotten, forging its mark on fetish history.

The start of a new era.

In 2017, twenty years later, Access Denied is being redesigned and recreated by Chastityco.com bringing the distinctive black finish and iconic name back to life with new, improved steel fittings.

The founder of Chastityco.com has been in the adult manufacturing industry for the last 5 years and is a massive fan of chastity belts and the original Access Denied product. 

With the blessing of Paul's wife, Brigitta and many conversations regarding the original designs and what she remembered from the original belts, it was almost imposable to find an original Access Denied chastity belt. We contacted owners from fetish forums to gather data and try to buy a belt but no one wanted to part with their belt.

Brigitta Tells us that in 2003 after nobody wanted to buy the company, the New York workshop and everything in it was packed away into storage, including the original Access Denied designs and any leftover belts. Sadly, everything was destroyed by hurricane Sandy.


Most modern chastity belt designs are descended from Hal Higginbottom's 1956 designs. Sometimes modern Florentine-style belts are described as "Tollyboy - style" or T shape belts. 

A customer of the original Access Denied belt was very helpful in forwarding data and photos of their chastity belts. We were able to use the information to sketch new male and female belt concepts. This was then taken to CAD designers who created blueprints for laser cutting and the first prototype belts were then created and tested. The original belts have a very distinctive black finish and so began months of testing and searching for the same flexible gloss finish as the original belts. It sounds easy but it took months of trial and error. But finally, we found a company who could deliver just what we needed. 

Locks and Fittings 

Many users of the original Access denied chastity belt and newer bands wanted Cam or cylinder locks so we designed new improved locks from the ground up, The best part is that these are not cheap nickel Chinese made padlocks.