Please email us if you have any questions info@chastityco.com 

Can I use the bathroom ?

Yes you can.  

Sorry guys, your going to need to sit down so take a load off.  

Ladies it is possible to remove the outer mesh with the key of course to make peeing  easier. 

How long does my order take to make ?

Our goal at Access denied is to dispatch in 7-10 days but if things get busy or we don't have the parts needed to fulfil your order we will let you know.

Can I wear it 24/7 ?

We recommend you take it slow.

Access Denied belts are flexible and adjustable, so take some time to play around and make some bends and changes if needed. (Don’t be worried, they are robust and can take it).

If your going to take long term wear seriously, please take your hygiene seriously. We recommend a good clean once a day.

*Remember don’t force somone to wear this device with out consent.

 Does one size fit all ?


We need detailed and accurate measurements to build your chastity belt. So take your time and take your measurements twice, just to be sure.

Due to hygiene reasons, there are no returns.