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My Journey Into chastity starts today

Posted on August 20 2017

My Journey Into chastity starts today

My Journey Into chastity starts today, was given a gift by my partner.
today is a start of a journey into training myself to own my urges but not give into them. as a self confessed nymphomaniac, it is a real wake up to the level in which i give into my urges and let my “little kiki” run my life.

stay tuned—- https://boundslavegirl.wordpress.com/blog/

Hey everyone, naughty slavegirl has been naughty and not kept up with her blog 😦  so im writing to say im sorry (naughty pout).

I was working on my professional personal life. study study study – gotta make a living somehow 😉 \

so today marks one week of being bound in chastity.

I really underestimated the emotional and spiritual feelings I would be experiencing as a result of being in the belt.

Master has requested that whilst im not studying at uni or at work then I am to be int he belt, at first glance seems so innocent and unassumingly very easy. one needs to understand the emotional strength that it has over me, when I was single my “LittleMiss”  was the overall controlling my mind and body and body I had to sense of worth so I basically used it to my advantage to get as much as I wanted in the way of intimacy.

nowadays I have it under lock and key unless I am at work in which case there is no way of explaining to people my physical impairment – that is locking my vagina away to keep my modesty.

I had an emotional breakdown, as a result of chastity, which I was not expecting. it is the growing pain I needed to push through the pain to reach the otherside, the psychological pain I didn’t realise would be the most intense part of it. Until you have worn chastity, you don’t realise the pain of losing your own control over you own special parts.


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