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Posted on May 22 2017



Bimbo training - “How a bimbo should dress: Height of heels and shortness of skirts and dresses“

Everybody knows, that high heels and short skirts and short dresses are items, that can drive men crazy (or here), if worn by an attractive and sexy girl. Equipped with those assets, you do highlight and emphasize your feminine charms and attractions, and signal a confident and fetching charisma as well as the sensible awareness of your own sex appeal and your sexual frankness. We briefly addressed other factors in other lessons, like the effects of high heels to your body language and stance (extension of your legs, change of the way you walk and stand) and the benefits of a short dress - different things we will look at in detail in future posts. I already said many times, that every bimbo doll and every bimbo trainee is required to wear high heels in any given situation, no matter what the occasion might be: Partying, shopping, relaxing, fucking, dancing, sitting - you name it. And, although there are many long dresses, that look fantastic and fabulous if worn by a pretty doll (and there are many good reasons for bimbos to wear long, beatiful dresses), bimbos are often required to wear short skirts and dresses for obvious reasons. These two items are in fact connected with each other. The best appeal can be achieved by paying attention to one basic rule: The length of your skirt/dress is determined by the height of your heels and vice versa. Your skirt/dress must not be longer than your heels are high! This rule brings equilibrium to the overall length of your dress and the height of your heels and brings balance to those two factors in the best and beautiful way possible. In addition, it gives the bimbo a certain scope or leeway, regarding her choice of shoes and dresses by simultaneously maintaining the overall appeal and harmony of the whole outfit. You can’t go wrong by following this guide line, although we will examine the exact details of different high heels (with or without plateau) and dresses/skirts with different lengths in the future, because there come different factors into play. By now, keep attention to this lesson and try to observe the main, basic rule when you pick your shoes and your short dress for the day and practice the other lessons mentioned above. Also, keep this lesson in mind, when you are out on a shopping tour, in order to buy some new skirts, heels and dresses (keep that other lesson in your mind!). It will pay off!

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