Men's Classic Chastity Belt (Full Rear Style)


Product Details

Introducing the new look men's chastity belt from Access Denied.

Constructed from high quality stainless and chrome fittings, the main shields and tube are coated in gloss black plastisol coating this gives the belt a smooth hygienic protective feel, with no sharp edges.


The full rear style can be fitted with a chastity flap revoking access to the rear or can be used to fit plugs.

  • Stainless steel construction for extra structure and security
  • Hygienic coating, great for long term wear 
  • Silicon lined waist band adding comfort
  • Tamperproof locks allowing no escapes

To ensure you receive the correct size chastity belt, please follow our detailed measurement instructions here.

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To ensure you get the best chastity belt for your needs, feel free to contact us and we can offer our expert advice and create custom orders as required.

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