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Female 'Classic' Measurement Guide

A Measurement | Waist

  • We recommend taking a leather belt and placing it where the waistband will sit. Then measure your waist accordingly.

*Waist models sit vertically, just under the belly button

B Measurement | Front 2 Back

  • Please leave the leather belt unchanged in this position and measure the crotch from middle of the leather belt between the legs to middle of back.

C Measurement | Waist Down

  • Measure from the front waist to the middle of the vagina.

D Measurement | Down Under

  • Measure from the vagina to the middle of the anus hole.

E Measurement | Back 2 Butt

  • Measure from the back centre of your waist to the centre of your anus hole.

F Measurement | Across Cheek

  • Measure from the bottom of your anus diagonal across your bum cheeks tightly to your waist line.

*Only measure F if you want to add rear chain straps.