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'Forever' Men's Chastity Belt

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Product Details

Introducing the 'Forever' chastity belt by Access Denied, designed for active long term chastity wear.

The specially designed ergonomic waistband removing pressure from the hips siting lower on the body improving longterm wearability, and the low profile design remains hidden under clothing. 

Now with new and improved closed tip chastity tube with added ventilation.


  • New plastisol coating 25% softer finish 
  • Cam lock system included standard 
  • Improved locking bracket


Upon purchasing your new Access Denied chastity belt, you will be contacted by one of our specialists with regards to your measurements. Each chastity belt is made custom to your own specifications  and we are here to help ensure your custom belt is exactly as it should be.  

To ensure you receive the correct size chastity belt, please follow our detailed measurement instructions here. 

Currently all AD belts are shipped with Cam lock option only. 

Sales concierge

To ensure you get the best chastity belt for your needs, feel free to contact us info@chastityco.com and we can offer our expert advice and create custom orders as required.

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