Mens Access denied rear chain style


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Mens Access Denied Chastity Belt Rear chain style.

The Original remastered 

You can’t go past an original, you can keep the essence of a good thing and make it even better.

The Classic Access Denied chastity belt shows where the roots come from Paul Tookers original 1997 Design. But it also shows the direction of our thinking and how we see the future. 

Your chastity belt will be hand crafted from high quality 307 stainless steel to your own measurements Featuring a Plastisol coated main shield and silicon lining as standard for extra comfort.

Plastisol is flexible so you can adjust the main shield to shape of your body to find the best fit for security and comfort. 

Access denied chastity belt design makes it impossible to escape once locked and can not be removed with out the key. 


  • High quality stainless steel construction 
  • Hygienic coating 
  • Long term wear 
  • Silicon lined waist band 
  • tamperproof locks 
  • secure design 
  • escape proof 

How does it work ?

The waist band is secured to your waist. The penis is inserted in the chastity tube secured to the main shield what's then pulled up to the centre of the waist band this is all locked shut using our Master padlock shackle or cylinder locks.

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