Women's Classic Chastity Belt (Full Rear Style)


Product Details


Our wide shield design makes it impossible to get fingers in. Once locked, this belt cannot be removed with out the key.

This belt is flexible so you can bend the pieces into shape to find the best fit for your body - without losing any security. 

How does it work?

The waist band is secured to your waist, the main shield is then pulled up to the centre of the waist band this shield traps the vagina and labia comfortably and securely. This is all locked shut using our Master padlock shackle or CAM cylinder locks.

To ensure you receive the correct size chastity belt, please follow our detailed measurement instructions here.

Sales concierge

To ensure you get the best chastity belt for your needs, feel free to contact us info@chastityco.com and we can offer our expert advice and create custom orders as required.

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