Men's Classic Chastity Belt (Thong Rear Style)


Product Details

The original remastered Access Denied chastity belt.


Thong style rear cable is suitable for active use sport or people on the move. 

Made from 3 main components Waist belt, main shield and penis tube.

Plastisol coating is flexible so you can bend the pieces into the shape you find the best fit for your body.  

  • 307 stainless steel construction 
  • Hygienic coating 
  • Long term wear 
  • Silicon lined waist band 
  • Tamperproof locks 
  • Active friendly design 
  • Escape proof 


  • Tube length 80mm 
  • Tube diameter 35mm 

Main shield 

  • Main width 75mm 
  • Top width 45mm 

To ensure you are being correctly sized, please follow our detailed measurement instructions 

Sales concierge

To ensure you get the best chastity belt for your needs  please contact us we can create custom order invoicing and sales advice. 

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